Medicare Annual Enrollment Period: October 15 - December 7

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Make Medicare your next client opportunity.

CoverRight has built ‘TurboTax for Medicare’ to help your clients easily navigate and enroll in Medicare.

100% free – no hidden fees.

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Who is CoverRight?

CoverRight is an insurance technology (‘insurtech’) company backed by leading Silicon Valley venture capital investors

  • Our mission is to make Medicare more transparent for the 10,000 people retiring every day
  • We’ve built ‘TurboTax for Medicare’ – pairing technology with human support to make the experience hassle free
  • We’re a team of financial services and technology veterans passionate about innovation

Our Leadership Team


Richard Chan


Josef Katz

Head of Marketing

Alex Sidorov

Head of Engineering

Holly Haynes

Head of Opertions

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How it works

Get set up with CoverRight
Complete the sign up form. Our team will reach out - set up is simple, we will ask for some basic information. Get up and running in 24 hours.
Access our purpose-built advisor platform
This enables CoverRight to automatically track your clients so we can work with you together on your client's Medicare decision.
Start leveraging CoverRight to facilitate decisions
Our platform gives you the freedom to guide your client as much or as little as you like - CoverRight's licensed experts are available to help do the heavy lifting

Why be proactive about Medicare?

Healthcare costs is the #1 concern for Americans

  • With 10,000 people retiring everyday.  Medicare represents a significant opportunity to unlock higher value relationships by being proactive
  • Conversations around healthcare costs will become increasingly unavoidable as costs are expected to grow at a 5.5% CAGR next 10 years
  • CoverRight provides a simple solution to help facilitate conversation

About our platform

With CoverRight, you can get easy insight into Medicare costs.  Our simple and seamless platform enables accurate and high quality conversations around Medicare.

Instant, accurate pricing
No unwanted phone calls
100% privacy - we never sell your client's data

What your clients can expect.

Free consultations, no hidden fees.

Your clients are important to you – we understand that.  At CoverRight, your clients get one dedicated licensed advisor end-to-end.

Instant cost estimates.

Our technology platform provides instant quotes and cost estimations so your clients know what their costs are.

Choice of doctors.

If your client has existing doctors that they must keep covered, CoverRight will make sure to find a plan that covers them.

Lowest drug costs.

Drug costs can vary 2-3x depending on the plan your client enrolls in. CoverRight technology and advisors will find the lowest cost plan for your client.

Extra benefits

Extra benefits such as fitness, dental, vision or hearing are becoming more popular. Our team are experts on the the latest benefits available.

All Medicare options in one place.

Medicare is made up of several parts that your clients can choose from to fit your needs. 

Your CoverRight advisor will helps your clients make a confident decision and shop of 20+ top-rated carriers in order to recommend the best plan.

We shop 20+ top-rated carriers for your clients.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is CoverRight? is a digital-first health insurance platform focused on Medicare.  The company’s mission is to make Medicare more transparent and accessible for America’s 60 million Medicare beneficiaries. 

CoverRight aims to simplify a traditionally confusing and complex decision by delivering you a simple, delightful and comprehensive enrollment experience. is owned an operated by CoverRight Inc.  Insurance agency services are provided by CoverRight Insurance Services Inc., a licensed health insurance agency and wholly-owned subsidiary of CoverRight Inc. 

How is CoverRight different to other health insurance websites?

CoverRight is dedicated to delivering an end-to-end enrollment experience from research, evaluation to enrollment.  You can think of us as a free personal Medicare concierge service.


CoverRight’s goal is to be the only insurance site you need for enrolling in Medicare.  That means we:

  • Offer all the top insurance companies so your clients don’t have to shop elsewhere
  • Explain what you need to know in plain English so your clients don’t have to research elsewhere


There is no “one size fits all” Medicare solution and a plan may seem less expensive up front but end up costing your clients more in the long run.  CoverRight partners with your clients to remove the guesswork so you have complete clarity and transparency. 


CoverRight combines state-of-the-art research tools with best-in-class knowledge of the Medicare to find your clients the coverage that best fits their individual needs.  You can connect with licensed insurance agent that can answer your questions and walk through the best options based on your personal healthcare and budget.  

Is CoverRight's service free?

Yes, CoverRight’s services are 100% free and there is no obligation whatsoever to enroll in a plan.

CoverRight is committed to independent advice and our agents are dedicated to providing unbiased insurance advice.  We will not try to upsell or steer your clients into a plan that does not suit their needs.

How does CoverRight make money?

As a company, CoverRight gets paid a commission by insurance companies for enrolling you in an insurance plan.   


But don’t worry: these commissions do not impact the price your clients receive or are quoted for different Medicare plans whether they purchase them through CoverRight or directly with an insurance company.  This means your clients never pay extra to use CoverRight’s service.


CoverRight understands that commissions introduce a potential conflict of interest. But we avoid that conflict by:

  • Being transparent: we show your clients all quotes from a wide panel of insurance companies, so that they have full clarity on their options
  • Focusing on advice: we publish free resources on our blog to help your clients make smart decisions about health insurance.  Our licensed experts also focus on advice and customer service, not sales.
  • Being customer-first: one of CoverRight’s company values is to do the right thing for our customers. CoverRight is committed to never upselling or steering your clients into a plan that does not suit their needs and will happily let them know if their current plan is the best plan for their situation or if there is a insurance carrier they don’t represent who can better cover their needs.
Is it more expensive to buy insurance through CoverRight?

No, whether your client enrolls into a Medicare health insurance plan with us, with another agent/broker or directly from Insurance Company X, they cannot get a cheaper price for the same policy from Insurance Company X.  This is because each insurance company files their prices with the federal regulator, and everyone has to use those prices. It is illegal for us or anyone else to discount that price.

However, your clients can save money and make smart decisions by comparing insurance policies across the market (like Amazon).

Each company competes to offer them the best coverage and they as a consumer win. 

CoverRight strives to offer all the top insurance companies, to make sure your clients get the best policy for them and save money.

Do my clients need to be enrolled in Medicare before they use CoverRight?

No – our platform is free to use and our advisors are happy to help customers who are not yet signed up to Medicare. 


In most cases, however, your client will need to already be on Medicare and eligible to enroll or switch Medicare plans during a specified Medicare ‘Enrollment Period’ before we can help them purchase a Medicare Advantage, Medigap, or Prescription Drug Plan.


If they need to enroll in Medicare they can enroll online by visiting: