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Make Medicare your next revenue opportunity.​

Create deeper member relationships and easily generate new revenue opportunities with CoverRight®

100% free – no monetary cost to your business.
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Capture Missed Opportunity
Create a new revenue stream from your member base with CoverRight® as your digitally-powered partner in Medicare
Bolster Client Relationships
Build deeper relationships with your members and their families by helping simplify a mandatory decision point relating to insurance
Amplify Your Brand
A co-branded Insurtech Partnership announcement will fuel your recognition as a leader in digital to your members
Improve Financial Wellness
Improve member financial wellness. CoverRight® provides your members the ability to plan for one of the most important costs in retirement - health.

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Navigating Medicare alone is a stressful process and affects more members thank you think…


of your members, employees, or someone they know has to make the transition to Medicare

2 out of 3

do not feel knowledgeable about their health costs in retirement

1 in 5

Americans is a silent caregiver to an aging parent

Why be proactive about Medicare?

80% of Americans indicate that healthcare costs is is their #1 concern

With 10,000 people retiring everyday. Medicare represents a significant opportunity to unlock higher value relationships by being proactive
Medicare is mandatory and late enrollment can incur lifelong penalties
CoverRight® provides a simple solution to help facilitate conversation

Medicare Done Right.

CoverRight® has built ‘TurboTax for Medicare’ to help your members easily navigate and enroll in a Medicare plan.

What your members can expect.

Free consultations, no hidden fees.

Your members are important to you – we understand that. At CoverRight®, your clients get one dedicated licensed advisor end-to-end.

Unbiased advice
No unwanted phone calls
100% privacy - we never sell your client's data
Instant cost estimates.
Instant quotes and cost estimations so your members know what their costs are.
Choice of doctors.
If your member has existing doctors CoverRight® will make sure to find a plan that covers them.
Lowest drug costs.
Drug costs can vary 2-3x depending on the plan. CoverRight® technology and advisors will find the lowest cost plan for your members.
Extra benefits
Our team are experts on the the latest benefits available such as fitness, dental, vision or hearing and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

CoverRight® is a digital-first concierge platform designed to help your members easily learn about and navigate Medicare online.

  • We collaborate with experienced Insurance, Banking & Credit Union, and Healthcare Provider partners nationwide to create new revenue opportunities through a digitally-driven and personalized Medicare navigation and enrollment experience your members.
  • Our platform pairs technology with human support to make the Medicare experience hassle free for your clients while serving as a new profit center for your agency to capture missed opportunities from a complementary line of business. 

As your strategic partner in Medicare:

  1. CoverRight offers your agency the option to create a new revenue stream from your existing member base while driving value back to your business by helping solve a major pain-point.
  2. Through easy collaboration, we can simplify a complicated process that 100% of your valued members have to endure on behalf of themselves or a loved one when turning 65: Medicare enrollment.  

1. Enroll into CoverRight’s Partner Program and select your desired earning structure

  • Book a meeting with the CoverRight partnership team to get onboarded.

2. Connect your Medicare-eligible clients to the CoverRight platform

  • To help automate this process:
    • CoverRight® provides your with pre-approved CoverRight® content and digital tools to incorporate into your website, newsletter, email, and marketing campaigns. This helpful content informs your clients regarding Medicare and helps seamlessly connect into a co-branded & personalized experience on the CoverRight® Platform.
    • CoverRight also provides a co-branded Resource Center that you can provide to your members and can be also be used by your agents to schedule a consultation with one of our licensed Medicare advisors on behalf of a client

3. Start earning!

  • CoverRight does all the heavy-lifting to help provide tracking, reporting, and payments – build a recurring revenue stream and support your members on a critical financial / health decision
  • CoverRight will help deliver your clients the same 5-star experience we have been known for

America’s workforce continues to age rapidly with 10,000 Americans retiring each day, affecting more personal lines clients than insurance agencies may currently realize. In fact, 1 in 5 Americans is a silent caregiver and may have to make complex Medicare decisions on behalf of an aging parent. Instinctively, many of your clients may turn to trusted channels such as personal insurance, banking, or healthcare providers for advice when transitioning to Medicare but require the additional expert help that CoverRight® provides.

Through our cutting-edge technology, we can offer guided recommendations focused on delivering transparency and education to your members so they can makes informed decisions. Our platform will even help to match doctors and benefits for your members to proactively help them save valuable time and money. 

Since 2020, CoverRight’s digital-first concierge-style platform has helped over 14,000 Americans learn about Medicare and will provide every one of your clients a dedicated licensed Medicare advisor end-to-end – 100% free.

Yes, CoverRight’s services are 100% free for both you and your members. 

CoverRight® is committed to independent advice and our agents are dedicated to providing unbiased insurance advice.  We will not try to upsell or steer your clients into a plan that does not suit their needs.

Schedule a time to talk to our Partnerships team and we will do the heavy-lifting!

CoverRight Insurance Services Inc. represents Medicare Advantage HMO, PPO and PFFS organizations that have a Medicare contract. Enrollment depends
on the plan’s contract renewal.  We do not offer every plan available in your area. Any information we provide is limited to those plans we do offer in your area. Please contact or 1–800–MEDICARE 24 hours a day/7 days a week to get information on all of your options.

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