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Medicare Annual Enrollment Period: October 15 - December 7

Easily find a Medicare Prescription Drug Plan.

Minimize your drug costs and enroll in a ‘creditable’ Medicare Part D drug plan.

CoverRight® is your one-stop-shop for shopping Medicare plans.

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What you can expect.

Minimize drug costs.

Don't make the mistake of assuming drug costs are similar across plans. Costs can sometimes vary 2-3x. CoverRight® will find the lowest cost plan for you.

Creditable Coverage

Whether you're purchasing Medicare advantage, Medicare Supplement ('Medigap') or staying on Original Medicare - Medicare requires you to have 'creditable' Part D coverage.

Avoid Penalties

Not having Part D drug coverage can result in penalties and late enrollment fees - even if you are not taking any drugs. CoverRight® helps to make sure you avoid these penalties.

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How it works.

Start online or call us today.

If you buy a Medicare Advantage plan or Medicare Supplement (‘Medigap’) plan through CoverRight, our platform will allow you to include your drug coverage.     

  • Want a standalone Prescription Drug Plan (PDP) by itself?  Simply give us a call at +1 (888) 969-7667
  • Not sure which is right for you?  Start online and our platform will make a recommendation

Did you know?

You could be subject to Late Enrollment Penalties for not having a 'creditable' drug coverage.

Don't get caught out! Medicare requires you to have 'creditable' drug coverage even if you are not taking drugs.

  • Creditable coverage can be:
    • Standalone Part D Prescription Drug Plan (PDP) 
    • Medicare Advantage plan with Part D bundled in
    • Other drug coverage that is at least as good as what Medicare provides
  • Penalties for Medicare Part D are lifelong and in place as long as you have Part D

Why Shop with CoverRight®

At CoverRight®, we pair technology with human support to make your experience hassle free.

Compare quotes quickly for the best price
Free guidance from licensed agents
100% privacy - we never sell your data

Ready to find a drug plan?

Find a creditable Medicare Part D drug plan today with CoverRight®

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is CoverRight?

CoverRight.com is a digital-first health insurance platform focused on Medicare.  Our company’s mission to make Medicare more transparent and accessible for America’s 60 million Medicare beneficiaries. 

We aim to simplify a traditionally confusing and complex decision by delivering you a simple, delightful and comprehensive enrollment experience.


CoverRight.com is owned an operated by CoverRight Inc.  Insurance agency services are provided by CoverRight Insurance Services Inc., a licensed health insurance agency and wholly-owned subsidiary of CoverRight Inc. 

How is CoverRight different to other health insurance websites?

CoverRight is dedicated to delivering an end-to-end enrollment experience from research, evaluation to enrollment.  You can think of us as your free personal Medicare concierge service.


Our goal is to be the only insurance site you need for enrolling in Medicare.  That means we:


  • Offer all the top insurance companies so you don’t have to shop elsewhere
  • Explain what you need to know in plain English so you don’t have to research elsewhere


There is no “one size fits all” Medicare solution and a plan may seem less expensive up front but end up costing you more in the long run.  At CoverRight, we partner with you to remove the guesswork so you have complete clarity and transparency. 


We combine state-of-the-art research tools with best-in-class knowledge of the Medicare to find you the coverage that best fits your individual needs.  You can connect with licensed insurance agent that can answer your questions and walk through the best options based on your personal healthcare and budget.  

Is your service free?

Yes, CoverRight’s services are 100% free and there is no obligation whatsoever to enroll in a plan.


At CoverRight, we are committed to independent advice and our agents are dedicated to providing unbiased insurance advice.  We will not try to upsell or steer you into a plan that does not suit your needs.

How does CoverRight make money?

As a company, we get paid a commission by insurance companies for enrolling you in an insurance plan.   

But don’t worry: these commissions do not impact the price you receive or are quoted for different Medicare plans whether you purchase them through us or directly with an insurance company. This means you never pay extra to use our service.

We understand that commissions introduce a potential conflict of interest. But we avoid that conflict by:

  • Being transparent: we show you all quotes from a wide panel of insurance companies, so that you have full clarity on your options
  • Focusing on advice: we publish free resources on our blog to help you make smart decisions about health insurance.  Our licensed experts also focus on advice and customer service, not sales.
  • Being customer-first: one of our company values is to do the right thing for our customers. We are committed to never upselling or steering you into a plan that does not suit your needs and will happily let you know if your current plan is the best plan for your situation or if there is a insurance carrier we don’t represent who can better cover your needs.
Is it more expensive to buy insurance through CoverRight?

No, whether you enroll into a Medicare health insurance plan with us, with another agent/broker or directly from Insurance Company X, you cannot get a cheaper price for the same policy from Insurance Company X.  This is because each insurance company files their prices with the federal regulator, and everyone has to use those prices. It is illegal for us or anyone else to discount that price.


However, you can save money and make smart decisions by comparing insurance policies across the market (like Amazon).


Each company competes to offer you the best coverage and you as a consumer win.  At CoverRight, we strive to offer all the top insurance companies, to make sure you get the best policy for you and save money.

Do I need to be enrolled in Medicare before I use CoverRight?

You are always free to use our research tools and platform before you enroll in Medicare.  Our friendly customer support team is always happy to help answer any of your questions.


In most cases, you will need to already be on Medicare and eligible to enroll or switch Medicare plans during a specified Medicare ‘Enrollment Period’ before we can help you purchase a Medicare Advantage, Medigap, or Prescription Drug Plan.


If you need to enroll in Medicare you can enroll online by visiting: ssa.gov/benefits/medicare.