• Product and Technology Executive, Joseph Loren is Head of Product at CoverRight – Joseph leads design, product development, and optimization for CoverRight’s healthcare and financial services platform 
  • Over 10 years experience in human-centered design and lean software development, health technology, financial services, data privacy, AI, and other industries
  • Joseph previously led projects at American Express, Under Armour in partnership with the NFL and GE, and at various startups


  • Mental health and mental fitness, behavioral science and personal finance
  • Digital Health and Financial Services product development, UX/UI, leadership, multivariate testing, startups, agile development, and revenue growth

Healthcare, Education & Personal Finance Experience

  • Mental health and mental fitness experience at Nurosene Health Inc., CSE (AIAI), developing products with licensed neurologists for patients suffering from traumatic brain injuries or looking to optimize acuity
  • Consumer banking experience at Cogni in addition to small business lending experience at American Express

Education & Qualifications

  • BA in Cognitive Science from Johns Hopkins University with continued education at University of Oxford in Artificial Intelligence

Articles by Joseph Loren

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