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What You Need to Know About Medicare Advisors and Consultants

Read this article to learn about what Medicare Advisors and Consultants do, how they get paid and how to select one.

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As individuals approach the age of 65, Medicare Advisors can provide valuable guidance on selecting the appropriate Medicare plan. These advisors are knowledgeable about the different Medicare plans available, and they can help seniors understand their options.

Read this article to learn about what Medicare Advisors and Consultants do, how they get paid and how to select one.

What Are Medicare Advisors?

Medicare Advisors are licensed insurance agents with health and life licensing who specialize in helping seniors navigate the complexities of Medicare. While there is no official certification for Medicare Advisors, they are well-versed in the Medicare system and can provide guidance on selecting the appropriate plan.

Are Medicare Advisors the Same as Medicare Consultants?

Yes, Medicare Advisors and Medicare Consultants refer to the same thing. They are licensed professionals who offer guidance on selecting and enrolling in Medicare plans.

What Do Medicare Advisors Do?

Medicare Advisors offer a range of services, including helping seniors understand their Medicare options, selecting the right plan for their needs, and enrolling in Medicare. They can also provide guidance on supplemental coverage, such as Medigap or Medicare Advantage policies, and help retirees understand their prescription drug coverage options.

How Do Medicare Advisors Get Paid?

Medicare Advisors are typically compensated by insurance companies, meaning they do not charge a fee to their clients. However, the commission paid to an advisor can vary depending on the insurance plan selected.

Why Are There So Many Medicare Advisors?

The demand for Medicare Advisors has increased in recent years as more and more seniors become eligible for Medicare. Additionally, the Medicare system is complex and can be difficult to navigate without professional guidance. As a result, there are now many licensed insurance agents who specialize in Medicare.

How To Select a Medicare Advisor or Medicare Consultant?

When selecting a Medicare Advisor or Consultant, it’s important to do your research and choose a company or person who is knowledgeable and trustworthy.

Start by referencing third-party independent reviews, and then do your own research to ensure the advisor, consultant or company has a good reputation.

Look for an advisor who is licensed, experienced in Medicare, and has a good track record of helping seniors find the right plan for their needs.

Be sure to make sure they represent multiple carriers (we recommend at least 7-10 or more) and have your best interests in mind. With the right Medicare Advisor by your side, you can feel confident navigating the complex world of Medicare.

How to Find a Free Medicare Plan Advisors Near You:

CoverRight is a free online resource that helps seniors find licensed insurance agents in their area who specialize in Medicare.

With, you can easily compare plans across 20+ of the nation’s largest brands and costs and get personalized advice from a Medicare Advisor.

CoverRight’s service is completely free, and there are no hidden fees or charges. Consider using to find a Medicare Advisor who can help you navigate the complexities of Medicare and select the right plan for your needs.

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