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CoverRight | Guide to the SilverScript Medicare Prescription Drug Plan

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Choosing the right prescription drug plan under Medicare is crucial for managing your healthcare needs and costs. SilverScript Medicare Prescription Drug Plans (PDPs) are part of the Medicare Part D program that stands out as a robust option for those seeking comprehensive drug coverage. These plans are tailored to provide a wide array of prescription drug benefits to Medicare beneficiaries nationwide.

In this guide, we take a closer look at the distinct features of SilverScript PDPs, examining their benefits, costs, and coverage options. We aim to equip you with the necessary information to understand how SilverScript plans can effectively support your healthcare journey.

Whether you’re a current Medicare beneficiary or exploring your future options, this guide will help you navigate the specifics of SilverScript’s offerings and make well-informed decisions about your prescription drug coverage.

What Do SilverScript Medicare Prescription Drug Plans Cover?

SilverScript Medicare Prescription Drug Plans are a part of the Medicare Part D program that caters to the diverse needs of Medicare beneficiaries.

Here’s a detailed look at the coverage benefits, costs, and availability:

Coverage Benefits

  • SilverScript SmartSaver PDP: Known for its affordability, this plan targets those primarily requiring generic medications. It offers $0 deductibles for Tier 1 drugs, which typically include most preferred generic drugs. This means no upfront costs for these medications, making it a budget-friendly option.

The plan also features minimal to no copays for 30-day supplies of medications at preferred pharmacies, which further helps in reducing out-of-pocket expenses.

This plan is an optimal choice for beneficiaries who have limited medication needs and are looking for cost-effective coverage.

  • SilverScript Choice PDP: This plan provides a broader range of prescription drug coverage, including a mix of generic and brand-name drugs. It includes a $545 deductible, which is applicable across all drug tiers. This means beneficiaries will need to pay this amount before the plan begins to cover their medication costs.

It is ideal for individuals who regularly need a variety of medications. It strikes a balance between offering a broad scope of coverage and maintaining cost efficiency.

  • SilverScript Plus PDP: For beneficiaries with extensive medication needs, including high-tier and specialty drugs, SilverScript Plus offers an inclusive coverage option.

With a $0 deductible for Tier 1 and Tier 2 drugs, this plan is tailored for those who require a wide range of medications, possibly due to chronic conditions or ongoing treatments. It offers a comprehensive coverage solution for diverse healthcare needs.


  • Premiums and Deductibles: The costs for SilverScript plans include monthly premiums and annual deductibles, which vary across different plans.

For instance, SilverScript SmartSaver typically has the lowest monthly premiums among the three, while SilverScript Plus tends to have higher premiums due to its extensive coverage.

  • Copayments and Coinsurance: Each plan has specific copayment and coinsurance rates for medications, depending on the drug tier and whether the pharmacy is in the preferred network.

These rates are crucial to consider when choosing a plan, especially if you have regular prescriptions.

Providers/States Available

  • Nationwide Availability: SilverScript PDPs are accessible in all 50 states and the District of Columbia, ensuring broad coverage for beneficiaries across the country.
  • Pharmacy Network: These plans are widely accepted at a vast network of pharmacies nationwide, including CVS and other major pharmacy chains. This extensive network provides flexibility and convenience for beneficiaries to fill their prescriptions.

The Importance of Formulary in Choosing a Plan

The formulary of a Medicare PDP like SilverScript is a crucial element in the decision-making process for beneficiaries. It is essentially a list of medications that the plan covers.

  • Understanding the Formulary: The formulary is divided into tiers, which determine the cost-sharing responsibilities for different medications. Typically, lower tiers include more affordable generic drugs, while higher tiers feature brand-name or specialty medications.
  • The Formulary’s Role in Plan Selection: It’s vital to ensure that the plan’s formulary includes your regular medications. This not only affects drug availability but also impacts how much you pay for them.
  • Checking Medication Coverage: Compare your medication list with the plan’s formulary. Ensure that all your prescriptions are listed and note which tier they fall into, as this affects the cost.
  • Handling Non-Listed Medications: If a needed medication isn’t covered, consider discussing alternative medications with your healthcare provider. You can also request a formulary exception for coverage of a non-listed medication under certain conditions.

SilverScript Medicare Prescription Drug Plans offer a range of options to meet diverse healthcare needs, from basic coverage of generic medications to comprehensive plans covering high-tier and specialty drugs.

Understanding the specific features, costs, and coverage of each plan is crucial in making an informed decision that aligns with your healthcare requirements and budget.

For personalized assistance and more information on how to optimize your Medicare coverage, reach out to CoverRight today. Our goal is to ensure that you find a Medicare plan that not only covers your prescription needs but also offers peace of mind.

FAQ on SilverScript Medicare Prescription Drug Plans

What pharmacies accept SilverScript Medicare PDPs?

SilverScript Medicare Part D plans are widely accepted at a vast network of pharmacies across the United States. This includes major pharmacy chains such as CVS, as SilverScript is part of the CVS family. Beneficiaries can also use these plans at other participating pharmacy chains.

To find specific pharmacies near you that accept SilverScript Part D plans, you can use the pharmacy locator tool available on the SilverScript or Aetna Medicare websites.

What happens if I change drugs or add new ones?

If there’s a change in your prescription drugs, such as new medications being added or changes to existing ones, you must check the SilverScript formulary to ensure your new medication is covered. Each SilverScript plan has its list of covered drugs, classified into different tiers.

If your new medication is not covered, there might be a formulary alternative available. In cases where no alternative is suitable, you can request a formulary exception, which, if approved, would allow for coverage of the non-formulary drug. 

Keep in mind that SilverScript may occasionally update its formularies, so it’s a good practice to review your prescription drug coverage annually, especially during the Annual Enrollment Period.

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