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True Compare PEO to Introduce CoverRight’s Digital Medicare Platform as a Voluntary Benefits Program

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Our goal is to give you the tools and confidence you need to improve your health and finances. Although we may receive compensation from our partner insurance companies, whom we will always identify, all opinions are our own. CoverRight Inc. and CoverRight Insurance Services Inc. (NPN: 19724057) are collectively referred to here as "CoverRight".

NEW YORK, NY, UNITED STATES, March 14, 2023 / — CoverRight, the leading digital health platform revolutionizing the Medicare navigation and plan selection process, today announced its partnership with True Compare PEO, a leading Professional Employer Organization (PEO) specialty firm helping match employers with the right provider for their individualized PEO needs. CoverRight is working with True Compare PEO in an effort to help empower employers and businesses to assist aging employees and clients nearing retirement effortlessly make the transition to Medicare.

CoverRight’s digital concierge health platform provides step-by-step guidance that has already helped over 14,000 Americans to learn about and compare Medicare options online. With 40 million Americans projected to age into Medicare eligibility over the next decade, it’s crucial for employers and businesses alike to consider voluntary benefits programs that can cater to aging employees and clients. In many instances, Medicare is a more comprehensive and cost-effective health insurance solution than staying on group coverage for consumers. Providing access to CoverRight can make a significant impact on employees and clients aging into Medicare eligibility and True Compare PEO’s community of employers and businesses can participate in this program with no added cost.

“We are thrilled to be working with True Compare PEO to help deliver a much-needed benefits option to Employers and Businesses that will assist aging employees, clients, and their families easily make the transition to Medicare,” said Karan Narang, Head of Partnerships at CoverRight.

America’s workforce is aging with over 10,000 Americans retiring each day and Medicare affects more employees and clients than most employers or businesses today realize. In fact, 1 in 5 Americans is a silent caregiver and may be faced with making complex health decisions on behalf of an aging parent. Making a complex and time-sensitive Medicare-related decision alone without an expert can be overwhelming and have consequences. Instinctively, many consumers may first lean on their employer or a trusted business professional for information and guidance, when transitioning to Medicare but require the additional ongoing guidance that CoverRight provides.

“Switching from employer-based healthcare to Medicare at retirement is an overwhelming process with so many plan types and options to learn about and consider,” said Luke Van Every, Founder & CEO of True Compare PEO. “Employers and Professionals that can provide access to CoverRight will not only simplify this complex process for aging employees and clients but also their families.” Van Every explained.

If you have employees or clients nearing 65 (or over 65), or serve as a silent caregiver to an aging parent that can benefit from this program, you can visit to learn more

About CoverRight is the first digital concierge platform designed to empower retirees and their families to easily learn about and navigate Medicare online. The company collaborates with experienced Insurance, Banking, Healthcare providers, and Employer Benefits Platform partners nationwide to create a digitally-driven and personalized Medicare enrollment experience for eligible clients. The CoverRight platform pairs technology with human support to simplify a traditionally confusing and complex decision to deliver consumers a simple, delightful, and comprehensive Medicare plan selection and enrollment experience. The company’s vision is to become the go-to retirement concierge platform to help retirees manage and navigate health and finance in retirement. To learn more, visit

About True Compare PEO
True Compare PEO is built on the values of Trust, Integrity, Transparency, and Giving Back. We understand that there is not one Professional Employer Organization that fits the needs of every company, but there is a Professional Employer Organization that can fit the needs of every client’s company. With Hundreds of Professional Employer Organizations to choose from, True Compare PEO is focused on helping our clients select the provider that is right for them. Our brand is founded on integrity and we are dedicated to serving as trusted counsel, ensuring our clients’ best interest is always our top priority.

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