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How Your Medicare Plan Can Help if You’re Pre-Diabetic

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Are You Pre-Diabetic? Your Medicare Plan Is Your Opportunity to Take Control of Your Health and Prevent Future Problems

It’s no fun to be told you are pre-diabetic. When your physician gives you that news, you have the sinking feeling that you are drifting toward type 2 diabetes and that there is little you can do to take control of your health.

But That’s Not True!

There is a lot you can do. And many of the steps you can take to prevent full-blown diabetes are covered by Medicare Advantage and Medicaid Supplement plans, provided you ask about them and pick the right plan.

So if you’ve been told you are pre-diabetic and want to get your health back on the right track, be sure to ask about the following plan offerings when you speak with a CoverRight Medicare advisor.

Nutritional Counseling

Lots of Medicare plans offer coverage for counseling with a qualified nutritionist, who can help you set up systems to track your meals, prepare healthier meals, and more. The result is that you can take proactive steps to head off diabetes, so be sure to ask.

Weight Loss Counseling and Surgery

This isn’t the same thing as nutritional counseling because its goal is to help you lose weight by working with a specialist. And when you lose weight, your numbers can move from the pre-diabetic into the normal range.

Gym Memberships

They are offered as part of many Medicare Advantage plans but be sure to ask your CoverRight Medicare advisor whether they are included in the plans you are considering. Picking a plan that includes a gym membership can save you money every month and help you get your health back on track.

Meal Deliveries

Not every Medicare plan offers meal deliveries, but some do. So be sure to ask.

Eye Care

Some plans pay for annual eye exams, provided your physician prescribes them as part of your diabetes care and prevention protocols. Again, be sure to ask your CoverRight Medicare Advisor to help you look for a Medicare plan that will pay.

Let a Medicare Advisor Help You Make Pre-Diabetes a Thing of the Past

Talk to us about it! Why should you let pre-diabetes take control of your life when you can get back in control?


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