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Are You Covered for Medicare While You Are Traveling in Other Countries?

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Many people start traveling more after they retire at age 65 or later. At about the same age, they also sign up for Medicare.

So . . . do you see any possible problems that could crop up when those two activities occur at the same time? Of course you do, and so do we . . .

Just when you start to travel more, you start to rely on a form of health care coverage – Medicare – that doesn’t cover your medical expenses when you are abroad.

You see, Basic Medicare – whether you call it Original Medicare or Medicare Part A and B– will not provide health care coverage when you are outside of the U.S. or its territories. If you end up in a hospital in the Caribbean because you fell off a moped or if you go to see a physician in Mexico to get some pills for a case of food poisoning, you can end up having to pay out of pocket. And sometimes the financial surprise can be even worse if you have a hospital stay and don’t get an itemized bill until after you’re back home in the States.

Plus, the Covid-19 Pandemic can cost you additional money today. You have probably heard stories about Americans who have tested positive for Covid while they have been in other countries and been required to spend a week or more in quarantine before they could return home. The costs of staying in a hotel for a week can really add up.

Your Defense? Be Sure to Get Medical Coverage Before You Travel

Basic Medicare will not provide coverage for medical care while you are abroad. But some plans have the ability to add additional coverage, including some Medigap plans and Medicare Advantage plans.

How can you be sure to select a policy that does? First, read the descriptions of plans you are considering – either online or in printed plan descriptions that you get from the insurer. If you have worked with an insurance agent in the past and have a strong relationship, you can ask that person too. Another step – and this is critically important – is to speak with a qualified Medicare advisor who really knows the reputations and performance of different plans.

And what about travel insurance? Some travel insurance plans offer medical and health services that can include hospital care in foreign countries and the cost of emergency repatriation services (you will be flown back to the United States in a private small air ambulance or plane that is equipped to provide medical monitoring).

There are several ways to obtain these emergency policies . . .

  • One-time trip insurance. You can purchase trip insurance at the same time you buy plane tickets – either online or on the phone with a travel agent or airline. Generally, this kind of insurance will cover costs if you cancel a trip, but some policies also offer some medical services including emergency evacuation if you become ill when traveling.
  • Ongoing coverage through credit cards. A number of credit cards provide travel insurance (like repatriation to America) to members. To find out if you have coverage, call the card’s Member Services hotline and ask about the coverage your card provides.

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