How Well Do You Know Medicare? A Quick Quiz

Take this short Medicare quiz and see how well you know the Medicare system. The CoverRight team is available to help you enroll in Medicare.

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Do you believe you know everything there is to know about Medicare?

Well maybe you do and maybe you don’t. So we have created this short Medicare quiz for you to test your knowledge about Medicare and Medicare terminology.

We invite you to have some fun taking this multiple-choice quiz so you can earn your stripes as a recognized Medicare expert.

Just answer the questions as best you can.  You’ll find the correct answers at the end of the quiz.

1) What is a Medicare claim?

  1. A request for payment you submit to Medicare or insurance.
  2. A fraudulent statement that you have a health condition when you really don’t.
  3. An auto accident in which you get injured.

2) What is a Medicare copay?

  1. A contribution made to your insurance by a police officer.
  2. A payment you and your spouse make together to pay for Medicare insurance.
  3. An amount you may be required to pay as your share of the cost for a medical service like a doctor’s visit, hospital outpatient visit, or prescription drug.

3) What is a deductible?

  1. Clothing or other assets you lose in a trial.
  2. The amount you must pay for health care or prescriptions before Medicare, your Medicare drug plan, or your other insurance begins to pay.
  3. A small, flexible wheelchair or other mobility device.

4) What is hospice care?

  1. Care for people who are terminally ill.
  2. Food delivered to patients while they are being cared for at home.
  3. Home delivery of beds, walkers and other medical equipment.

5) What is Medicaid?

  1. An over-the-counter medication to cure upset stomachs.
  2. A trained medical technician.
  3. A joint federal and state program that helps with medical costs for some people with limited income and resources.

6) What is Medicare Part A?

  1. Hospital Insurance that covers inpatient hospital stays, care in a skilled nursing facility, and hospice care.
  2. Special medical insurance that protects you when you are traveling.
  3. Insurance that covers all parts of your body that start with the letter “A,” such as your abdomen, Adam’s Apple.

7) What is Medicare Part B?

  1. Medical insurance for your household pets.
  2. Insurance that will cover the cost of your funeral.
  3. Medical Insurance that covers certain doctors’ services, outpatient care, medical supplies, and preventive services.

8) What is Medicare Part C?

  1. A type of Medicare health plan offered by a private company that contracts with Medicare.
  2. Medical insurance that covers your children’s health care costs.
  3. Insurance for your car.

9) What is Medicare Part D?

  1. A special Medicare program for individuals who have difficulty paying for health care.
  2. Benefits for prescription drugs available to all people with Medicare.
  3. Special coverage for traumatic injuries.

10) What is a PPO plan?

  1. A type of Medicare Advantage Plan (Part C) in which you pay less if you use doctors, hospitals, and other health care providers that belong to the plan’s network.
  2. Medical insurance that pays for urinary tract care.
  3. Health care coverage you need to obtain if you are moving from one state to another.

11) What is a Medigap plan?

  1. Supplemental insurance sold by private insurance companies to fill “gaps” in Original Medicare coverage.
  2. Insurance for cosmetic dentistry.
  3. Insurance that pays for underprivileged individuals in your state to get medical care.

12) What is Original Medicare?

  1. A pioneering form of medical insurance invented by Benjamin Franklin.
  2. A health plan that has two parts: Part A (Hospital Insurance) and Part B (Medical Insurance).
  3. An early form of medical insurance introduced by AARP in 1963.

13) What is a Pre-Existing Condition?

  1. A health problem you had before the date that new health coverage starts.
  2. A form of disease or health problem that has existed since the time of the Neanderthals.
  3. A stomach ache that you have before you sit down for dinner.

14) What is a Primary Care Doctor?

  1. The first physician to arrive at the scene of an accident.
  2. The doctor you see first for most health problems.
  3. A physician who manages your voting record as well as your health.

15) What is a Referral?

  1. A written order from your primary care doctor for you to see a specialist or get certain medical services.
  2. A gridiron play in which the quarterback laterals the ball sideways instead of making a forward pass.
  3. A pharmaceutical that is not paid for by your primary health care policy.

16) What is Telemedicine?

  1. Late night television ads for medicine.
  2. Medical or other health services given to a patient using a communications system (like a computer, phone, or television) by a practitioner in a location different than the patient.
  3. Imaginary medical care given by mediums, clairvoyants and other practitioners of unusual medicine.

And now for the correct answers . . .

Question 1) – a, Question 2) – c, Question 3) – b, Question 4) – a, Question 5) – c, Question 6) – a, Question 7) – c, Question 8) – a, Question 9) – b, Question 10) – a, Question 11) – a, Question 12) – b, Question 13) – a, Question 14) – b, Question 15) – a, Question 16) – b

How Did You Do?

The purpose of this quiz is to have fun while you realize that you just might not understand everything about Medicare. Because you might not, chances are you will need some assistance as you secure the kind of Medicare coverage that will work best for you.

Why not contact CoverRight and work with a licensed Medicare expert who can fill in the gaps in your coverage and make certain you are covered right!

CoverRight demystifies choice-making and helps you find out which combination of Medicare coverage is best suited to your specific situation.

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