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What is the Medicare Supplement Household Discount

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What is the Medicare Supplement Household Discount?

You can get a discount when you are buying a pair of shoes, a car, an appliance, or an airplane . . . but a discount on Medicare Supplement health insurance? The word rarely applies.

But we have some good news for you today, which is that you really can get a household discount on a Medicare Supplement Policy. And in this article, you will learn whether you could qualify.

When you sign up for a Medicare Supplement Plan, you could get a household discount of up to 12-15%.

But conditions apply . . .

Whether you are eligible depends on the carrier. Rules and discount rates vary from one insurance company to another, so be ready to shop around and ask several of them whether they offer household discounts.

There are different eligibility rules too. The most common situation is that you and your spouse are eligible for a discount if you are signing up at the same time. If so, both of you could get a discount.

Some eligibility rules are curious. For example, some companies will offer you a discount if you are married, even if your spouse doesn’t sign up at the same time you do. They could, however, require you to sign up for at least a 12-month period.

Note: You and a spouse are not signing up to a joint policy. You will each have separate Medicare Supplement Plans and will be billed separately and pay separate premiums.

The discount you get applies to the Medicare Supplement premium you pay. You will not get a discount on copays, deductibles, or other costs associated with Medicare.

Medicare Supplement Plans: The Basics

  • Medicare Supplement Plans cover gaps in Original Medicare
  • Medigap plans are Federally standardized; therefore, the best plan is the one that costs the least
  • If you want a Medigap plan with the most coverage, ask about enrolling in one of the two most popular plans: Medicare Supplement Plan G or Medicare Supplement Plan N.
  • Enroll when you first become eligible so don’t miss your opportunity to get a guaranteed issue plan.

A Few Caveats from the Medicare Experts at CoverRight

Please note, that we are only writing about Medicare Supplement Plans. You cannot get a household discount on Medicare Advantage Plans, which are often zero-cost, to begin with.

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