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Friends Don’t Let Friends Get the Same Medicare Plan

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Have you noticed that when you reach age 65 or older, your friends start to offer you advice on a lot of decisions you’re facing?

Your friends have your best interests at heart. But as you have noticed, they start to give you opinions like these:

  • “I’m living in Washington’s Woods Crossing, a gated community with a pool, and you should move here too.”
  • “It’s time for you to kick your son out of your basement so he can learn to live on his own and you can live the way you want to.”
  • “You should move to Florida or New Hampshire, where there is no income tax.”
  • “You should get a reverse mortgage and pry some of the equity out of your home.”
  • “You should sell your stocks and invest in U.S. Treasury Bonds.”

You’ve heard it all. The problem is that your friends are usually offering advice that has more to do with their own issues than with yours. They don’t know your situation. Maybe you like living in your current home. Maybe you like having your kid live at home long enough to save some money and start a career. And maybe you have spent a lot of time saving money and you don’t need to refinance your house or get a tricky reverse mortgage.

You know your life. They don’t.

And When It Comes to Medicare Plan Decisions

The most common piece of advice you get is, “You should sign up for the same Medicare Advantage Plan that I have. (Or for the same Part D or other options) I love it and it covers everything and it works great for me.”

Yes, your friends only want the best for you. But do they know what that “best” is? Probably not. So before you follow their advice, take a little time to assess your health coverage needs, which might be a lot different from what other people want or need.

Here are some smart questions to consider as you select the best plan for you:

  • Am I currently still enrolled in an employer’s health care program, how well is it meeting my needs, and should I stay enrolled in it?
  • Does my spouse also need coverage, and how does that impact on my choice of a plan?
  • Are there specific health issues I am facing (like Diabetes type 2, prostate cancer that needs to be monitored, hip replacements, or other needs), and don’t I need to pick the coverage that will pay for them?
  • Am I using an expensive medication that might not be covered by all plans?
  • Am I thinking of moving to a different part of the country where different plans might offer different kinds of policies and coverage?
  • Is my spouse facing a chronic disease and I need to make sure care for it will be covered indefinitely?
  • Do I need specific coverage for a particular hospital or care facility that might not be covered by all plans?
  • My primary care doctor is getting ready to retire and I need to know what other doctors I can select if I join a new plan.
  • I have to have regular care from a specialist and I need to know what my copay amounts will be in any new plan I select.

You Need Sound Medicare Advice, Not Opinions

Although your friends might have your best interests at heart, it’s up to you to decide what is best for you. After all, you could be enrolled for years in whatever plan you pick today. It’s not like buying a car or kicking your kid out of your basement. It’s more important.

At CoverRight, we’re here to help you find the right Medicare coverage based on your needs and health situation. Reach out today and start finding the best Medicare plan for you.

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