Medicare Annual Enrollment Period: October 15 - December 7

How GoodRx and Cost Plus Drugs Can Work with Your Medicare Plan to Save You Money

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You have signed up for Medicare Part D and you think you are saving all the money you can on your prescriptions. You are a smart Medicare user!

But you might not be saving all the money you can on your prescriptions. Here are two add-on plans that could save you even more money on your prescription drugs.


Lots of people are big fans of GoodRx. It offers you a chance to claim discounts on prescriptions at more than 70,000 pharmacies like CVS, Walgreens, and more. Here’s how it works . . .

  • Go to
  • In the search field, type in the name of a prescription drug you are taking
  • Find and print out free discount coupons for that medication
  • Present the coupons at your pharmacy when you order or pick up your prescription
  • Get a discount and save money

Does Good Rx always save you money? Not always – sometimes the coupons you receive offer big discounts, at other times not. But it is always worth trying.

Mark Cuban Cost Plus Drugs

The Cost Plus Drug Company

This company, which was founded by none other than mega-entrepreneur Mark Cuban, promises significant discounts on the prescription drugs you use.

It works a bit differently than the way GoodRx does . . .

  • Go to
  • Type in the name of a prescription drug you are taking
  • If you find the drug you are taking, have your physician place an order for it online.
  • Have your prescription sent to you

Does Cost Plus Drug Company always save you money? Like GoodRx, it is always worth a try.

You can compare Medicare prescription plans on the CoverRight platform. You will see which prescriptions are available at Cost Plus Drugs or if there is a lower price option at GoodRX.


CoverRight is on a mission to make the Medicare plan selection process easy to understand. We are here to help you compare and find the best Medicare plans suited to your specific situation. Try the platform for yourself.

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