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Buying Prescriptions through Mark Cuban’s Cost Plus Drugs

Learn how Cost Plus Drugs can work with Medicare. Can you save money on your prescriptions by ordering direct vs going through your Part D plan?

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After you enroll in Medicare or change Medicare plans, you could continue to fill your prescriptions in exactly the same way you are doing it now. You could call your doctor, have your prescription called in to your pharmacy, wait to have it filled, and then go to your pharmacy and pay full price, or close to it. 

That’s the old way. But now there is another way called Cost Plus Drugs. It can save you money – often, a lot of it. Plus, it offers you the convenience of getting your prescriptions without ever setting foot in a retail pharmacy. 

About Cost Plug Drugs and How to Get It Working for You

The Cost Plus Drugs Company is the brainchild of a physician named Alex Oshmyansky and Mark Cuban. That’s right, the same Mark Cuban who is the owner of the Dallas Mavericks and one of the most famous entrepreneurs in America.

And it’s revolutionary. Cost Plus Drugs buys generic drugs from pharmaceutical companies and sells them directly to consumers. At present, more than 350 different drugs are available through the plan. Plus, the company has announced plans to manufacture some drugs in the future, which could save you even more in in the months and years to come. 

And the idea has caught on. According to a recent article in the Wall Street Journal, 1.4 million people have signed up for Cost Plus Drugs.

And You Can Opt for Cost Plus Drugs to Fill Your Prescriptions While on Medicare

“Prescription drug costs can be a large component of total annual out-of-pocket expenses for a Medicare beneficiary,” says Richard Chan, CoverRight’s Founder & CEO.

“Medication prices can vary widely by plan, geography, and even within the same zip code,” he adds. “With continued healthcare cost inflation in the U.S., it’s becoming ever more important to help consumers save….Our customers can simply order their medication through Cost Plus Drugs if they find that they can save” explained Chan. “Drug program adherence is a critical component of maintaining health and we want our customers to access all available options to help them achieve this” he added.

CoverRight’s dedicated team of Medicare experts are available to help customers through an analysis of their Medicare Drug Plan costs and the cost of their prescriptions if available from Cost Plus Drugs.

About Mark Cuban’s Cost Plus Drug Company

The Mark Cuban Cost Plus Drug Company (Cost Plus Drugs) aims to fundamentally change the way the pharmaceutical industry operates. As a public-benefit corporation, its social mission of improving public health is just as important as the bottom line. 

Listen to our podcast interview with Erin Albert from Cost Plus Drugs Rising drug prices should not force people to make choices between paying for prescriptions or buying food. Erin Albert, Vice President of Pharmacy Relations at Mark Cuban Cost Plus Drug Company is on a mission to make sure this never happens. In this episode, Erin explains how Cuban’s company is disrupting the industry and providing low-cost drug options.

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